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Carpets lose their color for many reasons such as bleaching, fume fading, and ph imbalance.To successfully restore the color in carpets it takes a technician with knowledge, experience, and a lot of confidence in his/her abilities.

One option is to recolor the carpet which involves a dying process of the fibers. Second option would be to remove the damage piece and replace the carpet with a new piece.

To recolor the carpet first, we will neutralize the affected area. This is important, because it gives us the opportunity to remove all of the substance that has caused the color loss. Next, we will apply an acid treatment to the affected area as needed. This treatment drops the ph levels in the carpet, thus giving us the chance to perform a more complete and successful dye job. Finally, we start the dyeing process. Slowly we will transform the bad coloring to the proper color to as close as possible. One limitation is carpet can only be dyed light to darker not darker to light. The second would be that not all carpet fibers take to the dye the same way to receive the color as well as to hold it.

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